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Fees & Financing

The cost of dentures is reflective of the quality of the materials and technology used in the fabrication process. Additionally, because no two mouths are alike, the price of dentures varies per patient. Everyone has a unique bite and mouth shape that needs to be taken into consideration when creating dentures. Here you will find more information on the cost of dentures and various financing options.

Why Is There A Difference In Denture Costs?

Lower cost dentures are typically made with inferior products and often result in sore mouths, loose teeth, annoyance, and even gum disease from bacteria getting into the grooves. Higher costing dentures are made with superior materials, and fit comfortably in a patient’s mouth. At In-Home Dentures, we only offer top quality dentures, at affordable prices. We stand behind our work, and are confident that you will love your new smile! We offer a full year guarantee on all of our dentures.

Will Alberta Seniors Benefit Cover the Cost Of My Dentures?

The Alberta Senior Benefit, managed by Alberta Blue Cross, covers eligible seniors for dental work up to a maximum of $5,000. There are various factors that determine eligibility including your accommodation, marital status, age, income and more.

Additionally, the recipient will be covered up to 100% of the cost for the following:

  • New Dentures every 5 years.
  • Relines every 2 years.

If you’re 65 years or older and have been living in Alberta for 3 or more months, you’ll need to complete the Seniors Financial Assistance Application Form to determine if you are eligible for a benefit under Alberta Seniors Benefit.

How Do I Pay For My Denture Treatment?

There are many fees and financing options to be aware of when undergoing a denture procedure:

  • If you have insurance, the team at In-Home Dentures will be happy to do a pre-authorization to see how much of your denture costs are covered. They will assist with insurance documents, and direct billing.
  • If you are paying out of pocket and do not have insurance, typically 50% of the costs are due at your first appointment and the remaining costs will be due when your dentures are completed.
  • If you cannot cover the cost of your denture treatment, do not worry! Our team will sit down with you during your free consultation to discuss the various financing solutions available today. In-Home Dentures works closely with several dental financing companies, who provide our clients with flexible terms, and the most competitive interest rates! The financing rates vary on the term length, total cost and your personal payment preference. Dental financing terms are typically 1 to 10 years.


All of our denture options are made with quality materials in our own denture creation lab. Each pair is customized to fit a patient’s mouth specifications and is adjusted until the patient is comfortable. Dentures are offered in complete sets or partial sets depending on a patient’s oral situation. Our products are made to withstand wear-and-tear, impact, and designed for stability. Our dentures appear natural and are fit to harmoniously match a patient’s smile.

  • Complete dentures: These are full teeth replacements.
  • Partial dentures: These are used when a patient is only missing some teeth as opposed to all of them.


Overdentures are dentures that are affixed to dental implants. This procedure is more costly than traditional dentures because of the implant involved. Unlike traditional dentures which are attached to the gums, overdentures are secured to an existing dental implant. In some cases, the patient does not have the dental implant already and it needs to be put in which affects the price of the procedure. However, the higher cost of this procedure is only in place to cover the cost of the implant itself. Like our traditional dentures, overdentures appear natural and will complement a patient’s smile perfectly.

Teeth whitening

We offer teeth whitening treatments that guarantee your teeth will be eight shades whiter in just 45 minutes. We also offer compact whitening treatments that take less time but may require multiple whitenings to experience more than two shades difference.


Denture cleaning is an important service, especially for patients that have lost mobility in their arms or hands. We provide denture cleaning to ensure that food particles and other debris and bacteria are properly removed from a patient’s dentures. Without proper cleaning, patients become susceptible to oral decay and gum disease. Our cleaning services help prevent oral afflictions.

Financing is available to all our patients. At In-Home Dentures, we want everyone to benefit from great denture health. For more information about our financing packages and denture fees, contact us today.


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