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Benefits For Your Facility

There are many benefits to incorporating In-Home Dentures to your facility. No-cost, high-quality dental services at your convenience ensure satisfaction for you, your residents or patients and their families. We provide convenience, prestige, reliability, individual care and educational services, allowing us to effectively work with you and your residents. We ensure your facility’s operations are not interrupted, as well as taking care to provide environmentally conscious procedures through our Green Policy.

Below are some of the benefits for your facility:


Arranging the transportation of your residents and attendants to off site appointments can be difficult. Our team come directly to you and take up little space in your facility, ensuring you and your residents are comfortable and hassle-free.

Trust in Your Facility

By partnering with In-Home Dentures, you ensure the families of your residents know you value patient well-being above all. Prioritizing resident oral health and convenience ultimately elevates the reputation and prestige of your facility.

No Costs

We understand our partnered facilities are already managing their own expenses. That’s why we take care of our own administrative and support functions, allowing us to provide our superior denture care at no cost to you.


We work with the schedule you’ve set for yourself, your residents and, most importantly, your facility. Providing denture care without interruption in your facility’s daily functions ensures you can operate as usual. As well, this provides your residents and their families with a comfortable and structured environment.


Our expert team is dedicated to providing your facility with reliable service, ultimately strengthening our partnerships and ensuring your residents receive consistently high quality oral care on a regular basis. We prioritize excellent service on each visit.

Individual Care

We cater to the needs of each individual resident and ensure they receive denture care specific to their requests and concerns. We value the voice of each patient and know that the key to our continued success is open communication with residents and their families.

Education and Development

Understanding oral health care and the services our mobile denture team can provide is a key component in maintaining a positive partnership with your facility. As well, providing residents, patients and families with the information they need will ultimately lead to continued oral health for your residents. That’s why we provide access to educational materials, as well as seminars for your staff and residents.

Environmentally Conscious

Not only are we committed to the health of our patients, we’re also committed to the health of our environment. We use advanced and paperless charting methods and follow a Green Policy which means using safe dental materials, participating in clinical waste reduction and using environmentally sensible disposal procedures.

Partnering with In-Home Dentures provides many benefits to you, your residents and your facility. We value your time and the needs of your patients – that’s why our dedicated team pride ourselves on superior denture care that is convenient and cost-free. We’re confident your facility with benefit from our excellent service and thorough protocol.


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