How To Take Care of Your Immediate Dentures

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An immediate denture is a complete denture or partial denture inserted the same day a patient has their natural teeth extracted.  A lot of patients at our Calgary Denture Clinic have requested that we post a guide that outlines how they should be taking care of their immediate dentures. Starting from the day you remove your denture for the first time, rinse it out after every meal or snack, and then place it back in your mouth. For the first 5 days, keep your denture in at all times except to clean. Avoid mouthwashes the first 5 days unless prescribed by your dentist; some mouthwashes may slow the healing process. read more


We’ll Come to You! The Rising Popularity of In-Home Services

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We'll come to you! We understand the difficulties associated with transporting elderly patients from their home to their medical appointments. It is often time consuming and dangerous. Elders don't move around as well as they use to. read more